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The lecture "Community-Based Participatory Research: An Approach for Public Health"

The lecture “Community-Based Participatory Research: An Approach for Public Health” will be held in the frames of joint activities of the Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy (Georgia) and Medical University – Sofia, Faculty of Public Health “Prof. Tzecomir Vodenitcharov, MD, DSc”  (Bulgaria).

The lecture will be given by Professor Rebecca Singer from University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing (USA). Professor Singer is  Fulbright Fellow and visiting professor in Medical University Sofia.

Synopsis of the lecture:

Public health problems are complex, and we are continually seeking out creative, evidence-based, and acceptable solutions that include bio-medical, social and political dimensions. Practitioners and researchers recognize the importance of participatory research approaches that include the communities experiencing challenges as a way to build our knowledge and skills so that together we will have a clearer understanding of the problems that we face. We will then leverage these relationships to help us address these challenges collectively. This talk will focus on community-based participatory research as an effective approach to addressing public health challenges faced by our communities. We will explore the history of the approach, core principles and challenges, highlighting public health research in Bulgaria, Georgia and the United States to demonstrate its potential.

Lecture will be held online in English on May 23rd, 2022 4 PM Bulgarian time. To access the lecture please follow the link – meet.google.com/zng-kxhw-ran


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