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Peer review mission in Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, Almaty, Kazakhtan

Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University (KazNMU) is one of the universities – partners in the Erasmus KA2 project “Setting peer review instruments and goals for medical (health) education (SPRING4MED)”. The University is the leading medical education institution in Kazakhstan and since 1930 almost 80 000 physicians and public health professionals have been trained there. On 14th-15th February 2022, Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University was visited online by a peer-review team of 4 experts on the quality of medical education from several universities participating in the project.

The peer-review team on that mission included:

  1. Prof. Angela Cazacu-Stratu, “Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Moldova – Chair of the Peer Review Team
  2. Salome Khubulava, TMA, Georgia
  3. Prof. Eimantas Peičius, Department of Bioethics, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania
  4. Angelika Velkova, MD, Ph.D., DSc, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria

Prof. Maka Advadze, PhD

The visit of the peer-review team was well organized by the hosting University and the project managers. On the first day of the Mission the peer-review team conducted meetings with the academic leadership of the university, with the Self-Evaluation Report (SER) preparation team, with students’ representatives, with the Deans and academic leaders of the Faculties of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Public Health, the International Faculty, and with Alumni of KazNMU. The experts asked questions on the self-evaluation report and discussed a number of aspects of the quality assurance and quality management system.

Among the many accomplishments of KazNMU is the remarkable system of student participation in the management of academic activities, involving both Kazakh and foreign students. All governing bodies of the University are supported and assisted by respective student governing bodies. The student government of the faculties is an element of the overall management system of the educational process at KazNMU and involves maximum consideration of student interests and needs based on regular surveys of their opinion. Student governments unite and coordinate the efforts of the entire student community, to assist the University administration in order to improve the social conditions of students, to encourage and improve scientific activities, to intensify the processes of managing student involvement in the public activities of the university. Students participate in all processes of quality assurance. They are actively involved in the monitoring and regular evaluation of all educational activities, development and updating of curricula, and quality of teaching.

On the second day of the visit, the members of peer-review team met the academic teachers, clinical staff, and members of Study Programmes Committees. They discussed the development of curricula and quality assurance in the faculties of General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health. The meeting with social partners and representatives of the health care and public sector was attended by directors and heads of National health centers of mental health and children’s health, as well as heads of health and dental centers at the regional level.

The meetings took place in a constructive and positive atmosphere of not only assessing the development and compliance of KazNMU with the quality standards, but of friendly collegial exchange of ideas and experience. The visit was assessed as very productive both by the members of the peer-review team and the academic leadership of KazNMU. It provided the review team with additional information and personal impressions for the preparation of the evaluation report and for recommendations to help the University in its pursuit of the highest quality.

Prof. Antoniya Yanakieva, PhD

Coordinator SPRING 4 MED Project

Faculty of Public Health “Prof. Tzecomir Vodenitcharov, MD, DSc.”


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