The papers should be written in English!
The texts must be prepared for printing with Microsoft Office. The volume of articles with your own studies should be 8-10 pages, and review articles - 6-7 pages.
The text have to be formatted as follows:

TITLE - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12; Font style: Bold; Effects: All Caps; Alignment: Centered; First line: 0 mm.

THE NAMES OF THE AUTHOR / AUTHORS are printed in one blank line under the heading deployed in kind – full first name, initial of surname and full surname; Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Font style: Bold, Alignment: Centered; First line: 0 mm.
The summary should be up to 10 lines in one blank line - Font: Times New Roman; Size: 10; Font style: Italic.

KEY WORDS in 1 blank line.

MAIN TEXT: Font: Times New Roman; Size: 12; First line: 10 mm; Alignment: Justified; spacing - Single. The figures (black and white) and tables should be given in separated fails. Their position should be pointed into the text, with numbers and titles. The study should be represented by an introduction; purpose, objectives and methods of the study; results and conclusions of the analysis.
References cited in the text are given at the end of the article and numbered alphabetically by last name of the first author. First authors are listed in Cyrillic, then in Latin. The text quoted sources are indicated in parentheses with numbers corresponding to that in the bibliography.
The address for correspondence appears after the last page stating the full name of author / tors represented organization, e-mail contact.

The articles should be send to the following e-mail: