Admissions of foreign citizens


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Admissions of foreign citizens to Medical University - Sofia

Foreign citizens are admitted to the Medical University - Sofia in conformity with the Law on Higher Education and Ordinance on the State Requirements in Republic of Bulgaria for Admitting of Bulgarian and Foreign Students if they finished studying at the Secondary school, which enables them to continue their education in their own country and if they have marks in biology and chemistry in their diploma, at least good 4,00.
The preparatory academic year is organized at the Medical University of Sofia Department of Foreign Languages and Student Sports and includes courses in Bulgarian, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.
The foreign citizens who speak Bulgarian pass an examination according to synopsis of the Department of Foreign languages and Student Sports and attend only the specialized courses.
Documents to be submitted:

  • Application form,  with a short CV pointing out the desired speciality to be pursued;
  • A copy of the document for secondary education /diploma and official transcript of the subjects studied /, legalized at the Republic of Bulgaria Consular Section in the respective country;
  • A document issued by the authorities that the student has the right to continue his education at the universities in the country where he has completed the secondary education;
  • A copy of the passport (identity card) with the photo and data;
  • A declaration /bank certificate/ about the financial abilities of the parents to support the student during his/her education in Bulgaria.
  • A medical certificate issued within one month term before the date of application certified by the Bulgarian Embassy Consular Section in the applicant’s country;
  • Two photos.

All the documents must be translated into Bulgarian and duly legalized.

The documents are submitted till 1 October of the respective year personally or through a representative at the following address:

Students’ Education Department
Medical University Sofia
15 Blvd Academician Ivan Evstr. Geshov
Sofia 1431

The documents examined are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science that issues a Certificate on the right to study and informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Having received the certificate the applicant pays the half of the preparatory academic year tuition fee into the account indicated. The foreign citizen applies for a visa submitting the Bank document about amount transferred and the Certificate at the Republic of Bulgaria Embassy.

Tuition fees at the Medical University - Sofia

  • Preparatory academic year - 3 500 Euro;
  • English language preparatory course - 4 500 Euro;
  • Master in Medicine, Pharmacy - 5 000 Euro; English language course 6000 Euro;
  • Master in Dental Medicine - 6 000 Euro;
  • Bachelor degree - 3 000 Euro.

Admissions of persons with double nationalities, one of which is Bulgarian and the other – that of a EU country or European Economic Area Country and of European countries citizens is done according to the order and conditions of the Bulgarian applicants: through entrance examinations in Biology and Chemistry and participation in the classifying.
Documents for Medicine and Pharmacy courses in English are submitted after taking a language proficiency test. The test is held at the Language Department. If the knowledge of English is limited, the applicant can join the Language preparatory course with studying Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy in English.

All foreign students can have accommodations at Student hostels against 60 Leva a month.
The cost of the food at the student canteens is between 4 and 10 leva a day.